What to do with a large brick wall that has no character? Add a little “wall candy” to it.

We had a large brick wall leading up to our entryway door that didn’t have any character. Some people will add landscaping ivy to walls, but I wanted a different look. My friend, who also loves to design, suggested an outside wall mirror. Perfect idea! This is what I did and here’s what to do.

  1. Choose your mirror and sconces. I chose black because it matched our door and the handrails.
  2. Add D-rings to the sides of the mirror (about 1/4 or 1/3 down from the top) and insert (weave) stainless steel wire between the D-rings. Stainless steel is best for hanging very large, heavy frames up to 100 pounds. Make sure both are strong enough to hold the weight of the mirror. D-rings usually have weight recommendation information on the packaging. I doubled the wire by inserting it on one side and doubling it back to the other side to add more strength.
  3. Center and mark the mirror on the wall where you want to position it.
  4. Drilled two holes (3 inches apart) in our brick mortar using a brick drill bit. (I chose to drill two holes/two screws to help hang the mirror) Make sure you drill the holes deep enough to secure your brick screws.
  5. Hang the mirror with the help of your spouse or friend. I added a little secure glue for bricks the bottom of the mirror to hold the bottom in place – helps with wind, etc.
  6. Next, hang your outdoor sconces. Again, drill your holes using your masonry brick drill bit and twist in brick screws securely using a Phillips screwdriver.
  7. Add your outdoor waterproof candles.

Supplies: Phillips screwdriver, power drill, drill bit for brick/masonry, brick screws, D-rings, stainless steel wire, masonry glue and a little faith ~

I know my instructions are brief, so if you have any questions, let me know!

You can do anything, create anything, and move anything if you believe in God and have faith in Him and yourself.

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