How To Add A Barn Door


Iadded this barn door years ago before barn doors were popular. I wanted to create something different in our kitchen. I saw our friend's office barn doors and I thought to myself, I can

How To Add A Barn Door2021-10-14T22:11:25+00:00

Dog Crate or Kitchen Island?


Finding a kitchen island for our kitchen was a difficult task. The selections where either too big, too small or too expensive for our area, so I decided to build my own. The one

Dog Crate or Kitchen Island?2021-10-08T15:32:29+00:00

7 Steps To Add A Little Wall Candy


What to do with a large brick wall that has no character? Add a little "wall candy" to it. We had a large brick wall leading up to our entryway door that didn't have any

7 Steps To Add A Little Wall Candy2021-10-05T18:10:08+00:00

How To Create A Feature Wall


 Creating a feature wall isn't as hard as you think. It's actually fun. And if you make a mistake or you don't like it, you can change it. I chose a shiplap featured wall as

How To Create A Feature Wall2021-10-02T18:10:24+00:00
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