Front doors are expensive to replace, but outdated doors can decrease the value of your home. My simple solution was to repaint our front door and save about $3,000.00. My husband was all for it. :)

The first advice if you are going to to DIY – be patient and take your time! Don’t be in a hurry or you’ll make mistakes. (You will make mistakes. I do all the time, but you can fix them.) Second – do your research. Third – make sure you have all of your supplies.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous about painting our door. I loved the design and look of our door, but it was outdated. So I decided to paint it – BLACK. And I love the results. Here’s what I did.

  • Headed to Sherwin Williams and selected an outdoor paint specifically made for metal and wood doors. They will help you select the correct paint that will hold up in heat and weather.
  • Bought (1) quart – $45.00. Yes, that’s all it took.
  • Bought (2) paint brushes, trim roller, caulking and pan $15.00

First, I removed all the cracked and old caulking. This was the tricky part. The caulking was white up against the black door and our brick exterior with mortar. The white wasn’t going to work. So I took some old paint and grout that I had previously and mixed it to create a gray colored mortar that matched our exterior. It worked!

Next, I took a deep breath and painted our door black. It took two coats. I let the first coat dry overnight and applied the second coat. Here’s the results. We love it. So if I can do it, so can you! Cost about $75.00.