Iadded this barn door years ago before barn doors were popular. I wanted to create something different in our kitchen. I saw our friend’s office barn doors and I thought to myself, I can do that.  Here’s what I did –

  1. Purchased a solid wood door. You can also use hallow wood doors too, but at the time – it was recommended to use a solid wood door.
  2. Bought the barn door hardware. Measured the opening and where I wanted the door to slide. My friend cut off part of the metal end with a saw that cut metal to fit.
  3. I added a support board and secured it above the opening into the studs.
  4. Secured the barn door frame into the support board and added the hardware to the wood door.
  5. The wood door length was too short, so I added two inches of wood the same thickness as the door. :) I drilled into the bottom of the door, applied wood glue on the additional wood and secured the wood with the screws. I used this method because I didn’t have clamps.
  6. Applied wood filler and sanded.
  7. Painted to match our cabinets.

Years later, we updated the color of our cabinets and barn door was painted white. I also added another barn door to our small laundry room. It gave us more room in a small space!

If I can do it – you can too!

Don’t be afraid of trying something new. Failure is when you don’t try at all.

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